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1 The Brothers Johnson - "Q" 256 03:26
2 The Brothers Johnson - Tomorrow 320 03:03



2019-05-30 01:32:08 | Profile
This music make us happy . It is true.

Badboyrosas mota

2019-04-06 19:11:48 | Profile
Disco is not dead - it is just hiding :)

Laque Tepario

2019-04-02 19:16:50 | Profile
you gonna stomp all night!

michael snider

2018-10-30 23:36:01 | Profile
Son temas que siempre sonara igual que cuando se crearon,osease no pasan

patrick talamantes

2018-10-28 01:40:51 | Profile
When America shined around the world through African American talent . Now the world puke the white supremacist bs of its Caucasian lunatics


2018-10-23 23:18:38 | Profile
only 104,000 likes. whats the matter with everyone??

Uchechi Egbuchulam

2018-10-20 20:26:23 | Profile
This was jamming on every Cruising Blvd. throughout Northern Cali and every Hood in Northern Cali, and and also the Parks, It was chill, every one got along,drank,BBQ, cruised around, every race, men & women and children...We were blessed to have experienced these monumental times, So thank you Brother Johnsons for your contributions and the wonderful music! Peace

Denisse Lerner

2018-10-16 02:05:07 | Profile
This is a straight slapper

Ayşe Hançer

2018-10-14 00:01:14 | Profile
To me this song has one of the best opening base riffs , the start gives you chills, you have to get up and start dancing, at least those days. graet memories.


2018-10-08 05:20:15 | Profile
if you dig this...maybe youll dig the Delvon Lamarr Trio. Check em out.